Sacrificial – Forever Entangled + Lords Of Torment CD

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The Crypt is proud to announce our second cooperation with Danish label TRECHOMA RECORDS to unleash the classic 1993 debut album from Danish Death Thrash legends SACRIFICIAL “Forever Entangled” on CD. Also included will be the “Lords of Torment” demo.

Sacrificial was formed in 1990 by the brothers Kræn and Lukas Meier. In the beginning the band was inspired by death metal bands like Death, Autopsy and Morgoth. Later on the inspirations would be more thrash oriented, but always accompanied by a death metal-esque edge.

Having long been out of print for 21 years and fetching outrageous prices online, we are proud to offer this CD once again. Carefully mastered from the original dat tapes, we present this bludgeoning death thrash classic to the world once again, featuring a 12 page booklet with the original cover artwork for both the album and the demo, lyrics, and new liner notes from the band and Trechoma Productions label manager Morten Nissen.

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide! Stay away from BOOTLEGS! Support the band and official releases!!

Released by:
Dark Symphonies (USA)


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