RITUAL CHAMBER (USA) – Obscurations (To Feast On The Seraphim) CD (Digipak)

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Bay Area based death metal monstrosity RITUAL CHAMBER is commanded solely by multi-instrumentalist underground death metal veteran Dario Derna (aka Numinas) who is also the mastermind behind Krohm, and was part of underground cult death metal band Infester (whose only full-length album “To The Depths… In Degradation” is essential death metal listening!), as well as once having spent time in bands such as Drawn & Quartered, Funebrarum, and of course the mighty EVOKEN.

RITUAL CHAMBER sees Derna return to his death metal roots and is a culmination of his 25 years active in the underground. Almost like an extension of his work in Infester combined with the doomy atmosphere of Evoken, RITUAL CHAMBER made its impression in 2013 with its “Pits Of Tentacled Screams” demo which made a huge impression in the underground death metal scene.

With the RITUAL CHAMBER debut album, which was tracked and mixed at San Francisco’s Light Rail Studios (VHOL, Hammers Of Misfortune), “Obscurations…” comes across as a massive, brutal, and ultimately dark sonic monolith of death metal terror that will lay its foundation upon the American death metal scene as one of its new promising pillars.

Released by:
Profound Lore Records (Canada), 2016.


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