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The long-awaited 7th full-length by this U.S. band. True purveyors of aural torment, Rigor Sardonicous are one of the cultest bands of the American extreme Metal underground. Formed in 1988, the long-standing duo of bassist Glenn Hampton and vocalist/guitarist Joseph Fogarazzo remain one of the darkest and creepiest bands calling “Death Metal” home. Aided by their ever-trustworthy drum machine, Rigor Sardonicous are utterly lifeless and excruciatingly slow, almost daring the listener to find any “fun” in their all-devouring void of inertia. You could almost qualify their music(k) as Doom/Death Metal, but not in the traditional sense; existing for as long as (and even longer) than aesthetic forebears like Unholy and Evoken, Rigor Sardonicous´ slo-mo sizzle equally bears a future-primitive texture not unlike earliest Godflesh or especially the cult Skin Chamber. And so it goes with “Praeparet Bellum”, the band´s first full-length recording in over a decade. Immediately and ruinously recognizable as Rigor Sardonicous, “Praeparet Bellum” thankfully features all the duo´s signature elements: crushing heaviness, beyond-guttural vocals and the very slowest of songwriting movement, but devolves them to a frightening degree. Perhaps because of their eerie absence since 2012´s Memento Mori-released “Ego Diligio Vos”, Rigor Sardonicous sound more unique than ever on “Praeparet Bellum”: the sub-genres of Doom/Death Metal and Funeral Doom are definitely in full swing, but there´s little to nothing around as unremittingly empty and hopeless as this. You don´t “listen” to this album, and you most definitely don´t “endure” it, for its ominous corpulence is only experienced. Bleak? That´s simply too fun. Here stands the End of all Ends. Be warned: you will not return from “Praeparet Bellum”!
Released by:
Memento Mori (Spain), 2023.


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