REGURGITATION (USA) – Tales of Necrophilia CD/DVD (Digibook)

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Reissue of REGURGITATION’s cult classic, Tales of Necrophilia, on deluxe digibook CD + bonus DVD and, for the first time ever, vinyl LP format.

REGURGITATION hailed from the United States, from the ever-fertile Cleveland metal scene, and formed in 1994. They would record a demo and split before releasing their one and only album, Tales of Necrophilia, on the cult Ablated Records. Released in 1999 during death metal’s quiet renaissance that would bloom in the decade to follow, REGURGITATION’s lone full-length is bursting at the seams with all the gory grind, beatdown riffs, and truly unforgettable art that maniacs old and new will worship: both truly a reflection of its era, and a treasured relic ripe for rediscovering 20 years later. Vokillist/bassist Brian Baxter would go on to play in EMBALMER, while the rest of the members would reconvene in Necrotic Disgorgement

Released by:
Hells Headbangers (USA), 2019.


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