PUTERAEON (SWE) – The Esoteric Order CD (Digipak)

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Long awaited debut album of this Swedish Underground Death Metal cult act – mainman Jonas is also head of legendary Swedish Death/Thrash-force TAETRE, the members of PUTERAEON are/were also involved in bands like NOMINON, PROPHANITY, IMMEMOREAL, RECLUSION and THORIUM. ‘The Esoteric Order’ got mixed and mastered by Andy LaRocque at Sonic Train Studios (e.g. TAETRE, IN FLAMES, LORD BELIAL, KING DIAMOND, EVERGREY, WITCHERY)! For fans of: EDGE OF SANITY, Zombies, GRAVE, H.P.Lovecraft, NOMINON, BOLT THROWER, CARNAGE, FACEBREAKER, NIHILIST …

Released by:
Cyclone Empire (Germany), 2011.


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