Procession – Destroyers Of The Faith Cd

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These guys from Chile, with their latest album “Destroyers of the faith”, can give you all the above! Crushing, ultra-heavy doom, from the darkest and loneliest pit of hell (if not a place even deeper).

The album consists of an intro and five (5) more songs, which are kind of long, but REALLY easy listening. The singer’s (Felipe Plaza Kutzbach) voice is clean, yet passionate and astonishing, filling you in despair and darkness, and gives the whole band a special character. His guitar playing along with Claudio Botarro Neira’s tremendous efforts in bass guitar are giving a solid – as – rock string section, being accompanied by Francisco Aguirre’s extremely steady and crushing hammerings on the drums. The production of this album is deep, raw and heavy, just what a band like that needs. The result: DOOM.”

Doomentia Records (CZ)


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