PRECARIA (MX) – Precaria Ex Humanitas CD

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“Whirlwind fast, devastating melodies, dark atmosphere, damnation, chaos. This is an apocalyptic, anti-christian campaign filled by sinister, spiritual atmosphere. The themes are based on the orthodox black metal, but it’s more than the average black metal material. This is a nightmare for the lambs and the glory for the immortal ones!”
– Svbterranean Tenebris (Printed Fanzine, Hungary)

” I believe, this album is a true black art that needs to be shared with the world. It’s not a quickly done album to make a few bucks here and there, no, this album has something that needs to be spread and shared with the world; a message that needs to be heard throughout the world. I ask all who read this, to at least give this album a chance. Whether you get it hard copy, hear it from a friend, bandcamp or steal it from some heartless website, this album is one that will live on for years to come.”
– Dark Dirge (Reviewer, USA)

Released By:
Desavenencia (Self Release Precaria)


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