OLD CHAPEL (RU) – Visions From Beyond CD

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“VISIONS FROM BEYOND is a new full-length album by Russian old school death metal band OLD CHAPEL. The release consists of 9 new songs telling about terrifying rites, painful deaths and sick mind’s anguish. Among the prevailing uncompromising fast-temped tracks VISIONS FROM BEYOND also incorporates some measured dismal chants in a doom metal vein. Oppressive sound, catchy lead-guitars and bleeding vocals form chilling atmosphere of the album making you feel buried deep under the floor of old cursed chapel”.

Mastered by Enormous Door.

Visions From Beyond comes in 12-page booklet with lyrics and artwork for all tracks. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

1. Disastrous Rite
2. Stairs to the Vault
3. The Burning
4. Towards the End
5. The Nightmare Room
6. Skullhunter
7. Leaving a Body
8. Witchboard
9. Paura Nella Citta Dei Morti Viventi

Released by:
Chaos Records MMXVI


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