OCCLITH (USA) – Gates, Doorways and Endings CD (Digipak)

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“Deeply emotional and sincere, Gates, Doorways, and Endings reeks of old, ancient death. Soundtrack to a trudging funeral procession, Occlith’s debut full length is like an exhalation from an open burial mound. Through quintessentially a Doom release (slow but never too slow), the record has a crushingly evil backbone and both distinct psychedelic moments and heavier, almost Blackened passages. A discerning use of clean and harsher vocals helps complete an atmosphere suspended between life and death, always right on the thin line. A morose album if there ever has been one, for all those secretly (and less so) obsessed with death.” – Sovndtrack to the Apocalypse –

Released By:
Total Death (Mexico), 2020.


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