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NEKRARCHON formed in 2014 at Athens, Greece and raised as a concept band. Band’s sound refferences related with extreme, dark views of black art. The lyrics are based on concepts like introversion, nihilism, skepticism & transcendentalism revealed through dark rites. In the beginning of 2016 the band integrate their first album called Gehinnam which is a concept album. Drums Arrangement made by Fotis Benardo at Deavasoundz Studios, mix & master by Dionysis Dimitrakos at Descent studio and artwork by Apostolos Polymeris at Seventea Studios. About GEHINNAM Album concept: Gehinnam was a valley where people sacrificed their children. A cursed place for the wicked. A lake of fire. An angel denies his master and commits a massacre. Then repented falls in the shades of Gehinnam to suicide. Because of an angel’s presence the Archon awakes. They merged and through an orison to darkness they become Nekrarchon. The new dark Lord baptises his desciples,raises them and lets them bear his emblem. He prays to take the chrism from the utter God and makes eucharist with sacrificed gods. Finally he orders his Kings to obey and march to spread eternal darkness. Cover concept: The cover is illustrated with a double side drawing.The normal view gives you the idea of an unholy creature.The upside down view is an old rotten man bond with his alter ego reflection planted in the ground.Mountains are formed, with the end of their neck, covered by an obscure figure. The whole cover represents Gehinnam and the darkness that rises from its rottenness.

COUNTRY: Germany
YEAR: 2017


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