Necromortis – Burning Priest CD

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In 1995, in Joliette, Quebec, a group of guys formed “Necromortis” in order to unleash their inner cruelty. Until 1997, these cruel guys used a record called “The Burning Priest” to implant people’s brains. The cruel fragments of crazy movies are embedded into your peripheral nerves bit by bit, and go straight to your heart through the central system. Is there any A more intuitive way to make you feel the brutal violence? ? Come and join this cruel baptism, let us become the messengers of hell and spread pain in the world! ! !
Huangquan Records re-sharpened this saw blade, added the 2022 re-enactment, rehearsal and live recording, and used both front and back covers and OBI to meet different display needs. With this re-release, it’s like adding carbon to a saw blade and hammering it all over again, it takes 70+ minutes to completely smash your brains out.

Released by:
Huangquan Records (CHINA), 2023.


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