MVLTIFISSION – Decomposition in the Painful Metamorphosis LP (green / white marble)

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Labyrinthine Death Metallers MVLTIFISSION delivers an exceptional debut full-length album of colossal power with “Decomposition In The Painful Metamorphosis”.

With an absolute dismal and disconcerted semblance drenched all over the record, it is without question that “Decomposition In The Painful Metamorphosis” had already evolved into a beast of its own; convoluted riffs spiraling like mental disease and absurd musical structures only for the unsound!

Recorded in undisclosed locations and with mixing duties handled by MVLTIFISSION six-stringer Purulentreek, and the captivating yet queasy artwork painted by Chinese illustrator Wang Yang.

“Decomposition In The Painful Metamorphosis” vinyl will be available only in white/green marbled LP. Limited to 500 copies.

Released by:
Pulverised Records (Singapore), 2022.


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