Mvltifission (CHN) – Decomposition In the Painful Metamorphosis CD

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Upon first hearing “Decomposition In the Painful Metamorphosis” from China’s Mvltifission, it’s easy to assume that you’ve stumbled upon a long lost gem from the early 90s Finnish death metal scene. You would be mistaken though, but you’d also be forgiven, as there’s very few releases in the last 25 + years that so accurately capture the gloomy essence and murky slime of that era. But, here we have 8 original tracks (as well as a cover of Demilich’s “Inherited Bowel Levitation – Reduced Without Any Effort”) of ultra-demented and deformed death metal that do just that, not just with its riffs and composition, but in its overall vibe and atmosphere. Purely twisted, brain-probing mastery on display, and a must for fans of Demilich, Demigod, Purtenance. Officially Licensed by Rotted Life from Huangquan Records, and available on CD and cassette. Jewel box with 12 page booklet

Released by:
Rotted Life Records (USA), 2021.


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