Misery (Oz) – Evil Reborn (1992-1995) 2Cd

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When it comes to the very early 90´s Australian Death Metal underground, there´s a name that stands out among all their peers because of their skilled musicianship, great riffs and vocal brutality: Brisbane´s Misery. This awesome 2CD set, entitled “Evil Reborn (1992-1995)”, compiles the “A Necessary Evil” album (1993), the “Sorting of the Insects” demo (1992), the “Insidious” EP (1994), the “Dark Inspirations” EP (1995) and “Morbid Dreams”, the only song taken from the “Astern Diabolus” demo (1993) that didn´t make it on the album. All in all, over 90 minutes of Death Metal delicatessen straight from the good ´ole 90´s. Intense, dark and crushing stuff with fast parts mixed with slower mid-tempo sections that was compared to what bands like Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Vital Remains, Morbid Angel, Incantation and Sinister had on offer back in the day. This gem of a release will definitely appeal to anyone eager to discover the fantastic Death Metal roots of Australian music or just to anybody that truly enjoys great old school Death Metal from the heydays of the genre.

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Memento Mori (spa)


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