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MISCHIEVOUS AUGURY delivers an incredible DEATH / DOOM METAL, con varied sounds and refinements, but loyal to their own style…with a total of 9 studio songs and 1 live song from 2002, and with almost 41 minutes they delight us with their characteristic obscurity.

Their songs are perfectly executed by the only survivor from the early days of the band, SERGIO EVANS (CLAIR DE LUNE MORTE), and with the strenght and dark voice from UNHOLY (THE FALLEN, SATANIC RIPPER, EX-DEMONIC RAGE), we have to recall that the band is from the early 90’s and they released 2 demos (1993 & 1994) and is recognized as one of the first bands to use elements from the DOOM METAL in their songs (as long with BEWITCHED), they are reborn from the ashes and release this excellent first album.

This release has all the lyrics and some old photos, the cover and the inside art has been done by SERGIO EVANS himself, and it has a little detail with the logo and album title on printed in silver foil that enhances and makes it look awesome.

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From The Grave Productions (ch)

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