Megascavenger – Descent Of Yuggoth Cd

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After releasing “Songs Of Flesh (Part I) EP early 2012 inexhaustible Swedish maniac Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, DEMIURG, THE GROTESQUERY, BONE GNAWER, REVOLTING and more) strikes back with the debut album of his most recent band – MEGASCAVENGER.

“Descent Of Yuggoth” consists of nine heavy, crushing and murky death metal songs that will definitely appeal to all fans of Rogga’s music and Scandinavian metal!

More than that Johansson spews out his death metal dreams by recruiting the talents of some legendary death metal figureheads including guest vocals by Dan Swano (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH), Marc Grewe (MORGOTH, INSIDIOUS DISEASE), Jörgen Sandström (ex-GRAVE, KRUX, TORTURE DIVISION) and Paul Speckmann (MASTER, DEATH STRIKE, ABOMINATION) as well as guest solos by Patrick Mameli (PESTILENCE), Jonas Lindblood (PUTERAEON), Eric Daniels (ASPHYX, SOULBURN).

Prepare for heavy dose of dark death metal in the Swedish vein!

Selfmadegod Records (POLAND) 2012



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