LUCIFIXION – Indulge In The Macabre CD

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The old-school death metal band “Lucifixion” from Ohio, USA released the first demo of “Born Into Death” in 1994, like a seed of violence and blood was buried under six feet, and finally the seed borne fruit in 1996 The more violent, bloodier fruit “Indulge In The Macabre”. When the music starts, the hand that has been withered and covered with blood will penetrate into your brain to stir the most violent nerve, and at the same time, every note implies that you are finally violent, finally bloody! ! !
Huangquan Records will re-display this fruit to people one day in the near future. The CD refers to the branch series of “Death List”, which changes the design concept of OBI and increases the overall aesthetic feeling of the CD. At the same time, the Chinese lyrics translation is still retained.

Released by:
Huangquan Records (CHINA), 2023.


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