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IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR’s highly anticipated debut album, Nocta. Just last year, out of nowhere arrived Cemetery Glow: a three-song EP that indeed shined with a brilliance truly unique and poignant to behold, and which soon garnered widespread acclaim for such a bold vision from an otherwise brand-new entity. But alas, the slate is wiped clean and now arrives Nocta to take LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR into the hinterlands of the soul and the imagination.

Formed in the shadows of ancient graves cast by the light of the full moon, Nocta is a nine-part canticle to the night, and all wraiths therein. Crawling fog on deconsecrated earth. The eerie glow of lanterns swinging in ghostly haze. Gnarled arms of oak against shifting clouds. Dark hallways and ornate, cursed wood. Smoldering incense interwoven with the fragrance of old death. All of this is Nocta, and all of this is illuminated by LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR.

For however much Nocta might seem like a new beginning, in another, more accurate sense, the sensations coursing through LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR here continue the grand work cast by Cemetery Glow. Still the work of one mysterious O-A, the hydra-headed kaleidoscope of sounds characteristically encompasses trace elements of hypnotic deathrock, molten doom, and atmospheric black metal. Within this bewitching cauldron, its contents are stirred to such an extent that not only is easy categorization nigh impossible, but this panoply of paranormal sonics bespeaks only LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR.

LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR is its own occultism, and Nocta is its first full entry into an increasingly grandiose grimoire.

Released By:
Iron Bonehead (Germany), 2017.


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