Invocator (Dk) – Alterations From The Past (Gatefold Lp White Vinyl)

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What their big brothers in ARTILLERY did for the Danish thrash metal scene in the mid-80’s, INVOCATOR did for the then upcoming and embryonic death-metal tribe few years later. And even if they’re now semi-dormant, their reputation has remained intact and ‘Alterations from the Past’ will remind everybody why.

Formed in 1987 in Esbjerg by four teenagers bred on a severe diet of SLAYER, Teutonic thrash à la KREATOR and classic speed metal, they soon turned their national underground scene upside down with a couple of demos that still to this day are quite afar from the traditional cheap and sometimes crude recordings one could have expected from such a then young band. Take ‘Genetic Confusion’ their first foray in an actual studio from 1988: even if none of its four tracks made it to their debut ‘Excursion Demise’ three years later, it’s still hard to believe this was done by a bunch of youngsters who had been together for less than a year, in between the great production, spiteful vocals à la Mille Petrozza and precise-as-fuck musicianship. Even a song like “Life Restraint” with its acoustic intro and almost progressive-like structure remains more than twenty-five years later unique… Still, no-one was prepared for the gigantic evolution they showcased on its follow-up, fans favourite ‘Alterations’, featuring a then very young Per Jensen, THE HAUNTED future drummer. Even more complex yet still super-aggressive, no wonder that this was voted ‘demo of the year’ by the readers of ‘Metal Forces’.

Granted, back in 1994 the ‘Early Years’ release had already did compile both ‘Genetic Confusion’ and ‘Alterations’ along with few covers for good measures. But not only has this been out of print for two decades now but this double LP will be a real treat for the diehard fans as besides the two aforementioned demos and tons of old flyers, fanzine reviews and pictures, it includes tons of extras. Like the first official reissue of their first live tape from 1987 (that includes three tracks never re-recorded and two covers, POSSESSED and SLAYER), two tracks from their 1991 promo tape and two unreleased rehearsal songs from 1988. Overall, we’re talking of no less than nineteen songs of classic thrash/death from the genre’s ‘golden era’ executed by one of Scandinavia’s most punishing gang all together in one packaging and cool gatefold double LP with the usual DOOMENTIA quality standard. So thrash ‘til death!

Comes in Gatefold jacket with massive colored booklet, 2LP WHITE vinyl!

Released by:
Doomentia Records (CZ)



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