INTESTINAL HEX – The Exalted Chambers of Abhorrence CD (Digipak)

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Intestinal Hex is the newest project of multi-instrumentalist Daniel Bonifiglio. You’re already familiar if you’ve heard Fumes, Gutvoid, Grotesque Mass and Internal Infestation. This solo album “The Exalted Chambers of Abhorrence” is 8 songs and just over 28 minutes of pure crushing and putrid Death Metal. The album opens with those knuckle dragging old school riffs in “Bowels Transmogrified” and ends with more sophisticated technical riffs in “Parasitic Hallucinations”.
Intestinal Hex is ffo: early Cannibal Corpse, Demilich & Interment.

Released By:
Total Death (Mexico), 2021.


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