Infinitum Obscure (Mx) – Ascension Through The Luminous Black (Lp Black Vinyl With Booklet)

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Formed in 2000 by Roberto Lizárraga, INFINITUM OBSCURE has always been the odd man in the crowd. A rarity on stage (in fourteen years, they’ve toured the US only twice and Europe once), they always believed that less is more and that should strive to forge its own path, no matter how long it’d take. Often too quickly described as a mix between their country fellowmen THE CHASM intense dark-metal and WATAIN mystical stance, they simply sound like no-one but themselves and each album of theirs has left the rest of the scene behind eating dust and getting stuck in the mud.

The product of four years of hard work and soul searching, ‘Ascension Through the Luminous Black’ is another triumph of the will. Epic but concise at the same time, heavy yet full of tortuous melodies, abstract but also very direct, its eight tracks offer a unique mix of classic metal with black and traditional thrash leanings. In a way, it’s the kind of album that needs to be listened to in its entirety, as it feels as a whole more like a voyage than anything else. Recorded last September and October in Los Angeles with legendary producer Bill Metoyer (SACRED REICH, SLAYER etc.) and mixed last March in Stockholm at the infamous Necromorbus studio, it includes a revamped version of the track “Luminous Black”, originally available on the single of the same name last year, with Mors Dalos Ra from NECROS CHRITOS and Anastasis Valtsanis from DEAD CONGREGATION both contributing with a guitar solo.

Released by:
Doomentia Records (CZ)



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