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Long-running UK band Indesinence has been the one of the premiere acts to emerge from the doom / death metal scene for over a decade. Not since the very early days of the “Peaceville Three” (Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema) has a group created music with such impact and quality. While not the most prolific band; this 2015 album is only their third full-length in nearly fifteen years of existence, Indesinence has always stood apart from their peers and followed their own calling. III follows the massive Vessels of Light and Decay (2012) and is the best Indesinence album to date: heavier, more crushing and more atmospheric than anything on their previous two albums. With a guest appearance by Robert Roth of Seattle Cult Rock legends Truly as well as a cover of The Third Bardo’s “I’m Five Years Ahead (of My Time),” III is also the band’s most varied, diverse and dynamic album yet.

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Profound Lore Records (Canada)


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