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In an ongoing effort to continuously offer the finest Cult Metal classic reissues, The CRYPT has decided to unearth our old 90’s metal label DARK SYMPHONIES to release official CD reissues in addition to vinyl. We will offer the same level of detail and care that our LP releases are known for. This will apply to many of our new, upcoming releases as well as some of our past releases.

HYDRA VEIN (UK) Rather Death than False of Faith / The Reptilliad 25th Anniversary CD coming from DARK SYMPHONIES / THE CRYPT!

DARK SYMPHONIES / THE CRYPT is honored to re-introduce the world to one of the greatest thrash albums from the 80’s. For the first time ever as a stand alone CD, we present a true thrash classic, HYDRA VEIN (UK) Rather Death than False of Faith!

Hydra Vein was formed in the spring of 1987 featuring ex-Deathwish members, brothers Damon and Nathan Maddison. Being hailed as the UK’s answer to Slayer and receiving universally positive reviews in the metal press, Hydra Vein yet did not gain the exposure that they deserved. We hope to change that now.

This amazing piece of history will have the same standard of quality as expected from CRYPT LPs and features the original cover artwork, classic band photos and lyrics. This CD is designed after the original 1988 vinyl release, taking elements from the original layout with attention to detail, even down to the logo and typeface for a touch of nostalgia.

In an effort to preserve the integrity of the original recording, we have meticulously and subtly mastered the audio files from the original analog sources to retain the dynamics and atmosphere of the original recording. This new master is approved and endorsed by the band. This is the absolute best sounding version of this amazing release, guaranteed!

As a bonus we have included for the first time ever on CD, the band’s classic 1987 demo, “The Reptilliad”. Take the world beneath you in the grasp of the iron fist!

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide! Stay away from BOOTLEGS! Support the band and official releases!! .

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Dark Symphonies (USA)


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