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HANGHEDIEF is a brand-new formation between the selfsame Hanghedief from Belgium’s POX and POSSESSION’s Pz. Kpfw. Together, both men stick to a strange ‘n’ singular style of black metal steeped in the more unorthodox days of the 1990s. Featuring five tracks across 25 minutes, the duo’s Overduyvelsche Boosheit is at once familiar and foreign. That they conclude the record with an Ancient Rites cover gives some clue to their no-less-beguiling direction, and the songs themselves – seemingly far more epic than their individual runtimes suggest – emit an elegant iciness comparable to very earliest Behemoth. However, with the almost-wholesale lack of bass (think Veles’ Black Hateful Metal), an eerily levitational sensation is created, which makes the medieval melodicism sound even more maniacal. Then, there’s HANGHEDIEF’s visual side, represented by the bright ‘n’ bold cover artwork of CINIS (Seresian Cobra) and especially the band’s similarly monstrous portraiture by same: an undoubtedly unique twist of the knife. In sum, Overduyvelsche Boosheit is the embodiment of CULT.

Released by:
Iron Bonehead (Germany), 2022.


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