GUDSFORLADT – Friendship, Love and War CD

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A rider, burdened by a past which grows like a tumor inside of him, struggles against himself and loses – he chooses the rope. During what would be his last breath, he is instead given a second chance by forces beyond his comprehension, under the condition that he carries out a quest he thinks impossible. The rider flees, frightened of his own potential for greatness or for failure – but no matter how far he rides, destiny is not so easily dissuaded…

For better or worse, whether he wishes it or not, no man on this earth rides alone. We are all of us bound together, heart to heart and soul to soul — all of us bit players in stories bigger than we know – stories we have no hand in writing. This is one of those stories – a story of friendship, love and war.

Released by:
Wolves of Hades (Netherlands), 2023.


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