GOLGOTHAN REMAINS (OZ) – Perverse Suffering of the Void LP (BLACK vinyl)

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Spewn from a place of utter chaos and lightnesses, on their inaugural 2018 full-length offering “Perverse Offerings to Void” Sydney-based Australian death metal harbingers Golgothan Remains impose a previously unseen new strain of dark death metal annihilation entirely their own, stitching together the timeless brutality of bands like Incantation, Immolation, Necrovore, and Morbid Angel on one side, and the transformative sonic bedlam of visionary bands like Ulcerate, Dead Congregation, and Adversarial on the other, to create a majestic extreme metal behemoth of unseen magnitude, completely unrestrained in its famished quest for complete ruin, and magnificent in its imposing display of pure darkness.

Recorded at Adversary Studios in Sydney in early 2017 and mastered in 2018 at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Altarage, Vastum), upon its release “Perverse Offerings to the Void” instantly revealed itself in all its apocalyptic enormity, shrouded in a monstrous aura, and unfolding massive black wings like a beast spawned from another dimension. The colossal album was self-released in Australia on CD and tape by the band before being picked up for a local vinyl release by Australian label Impure Sounds (on 100 units only becoming and instant collector’s item) and eventually ending up being hailed as one of 2018’s best Australian metal albums and one of the crowning achievements in death metal over all for that year worldwide. Today, Sentient Ruin in North America, and Nuclear Winter Records in Europe are proud to bring the final and ultimate version of this immense death metal album outside of Australian confines through an exhaustive vinyl repress of 500 copies complete with a brand new layout, colored vinyl options, and finally, an accessible distribution for both the North American and European markets.

Released by:
Ruin Laboratories (USA), 2019.


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