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The band comprises a wretched coalition of already higly acclaimed musicians, featuring current members of Shackles, Snorlax, Resin Tomb, Descent, Siberian Hell Sounds and Idle Ruin. A blend infection of rotten amygdalic death doom and perverted blasts of vacuunmus void, “The Grotesque Arena” is and unyielding hammer of cavernous hate casy upon an already butchered mind.

Recorded & Mixed by Brendan Auld @ Black Blood Audio, Mastered by Arthur Rizk
Cover Artwork by Jon Weber, Layout Dan Phelan.

1. The Grotesque Arena: Upon Splintered Bone
2. Host Consumed
3. Weaponisation Of The Amygdala Endless Warfare
4. A Pit of Unscalable Depths
5. Beneath Bedlam
6. The Grotesque Arena: A Perverse Spectacle

Released by: 
Chaos Records (Mexico), 2021.

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