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EXSUL was conjured by Charon (strings & curses) in the years preceding 2018. Phlegyas (sticks & spells) was then summoned to administer rhythmic battery and to write the sermons. They have since refined their ritual and documented it. The resulting recordings were sent to C. Davidson at Fix My Face Records for divination and mastering.

Since its original self-release on November 13th, 2020, Exsul has instilled fear, shame, and disgust in thousands across the planet with remarkable efficacy. This pleases EXSUL. And not for nothing did the original edition of this debut EP sell out: comprising equally gangrenous riffing and vocals, slithering ‘n’ slimy blasts that morph into chest-cavity-crushing doom stomps, songwriting that’s strange and almost improvisational yet fully locked-in, not to mention utterly megaton-weight production, Exsul brazenly bears all the traits of mini-classic. Death metal may be the genre, but its execution and certainly its atmosphere evince a darkness that’s different – and deranged. Suitably, this recording thematically explores the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, The Justinian Plague, Cantos 31-34 of Dante’s Inferno, and the psychology of those who deny nature and suffer for it.

Submission or rapture or even revulsion, it matters not to EXSUL; so long as some response is provoked – and it’s very impossible NOT to be, when faced with the EP’s 23 stultifying minutes – then EXSUL is pleased. CALIGARI RECORDS is likewise pleased to spread these sermons in a wider CD edition, to provoke & punish the converted and unbelievers alike.


Released by:
Caligari Records (United States), 2021.


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