EXAUGURATE (USA) – Chasm of Rapturous Delirium 12″ MLP (BLACK vinyl)

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Rising from the murky depths of the American south, and featuring members of Hollowed Idols, Ectovoid, Cemetery Filth, and Seraphic Entombment, Exaugurate’s 4 song debut brings forth a unique vision of sinister death metal, steeped in a haze of charnel atmospherics and morbid hostility, and forged with a heightened level of craftmanship. It’s the kind of epically scaled malevolence most closely associated with 2009-2010, when the likes of Dead Congregation, Grave Miasma, and Cruciamentum were just beginning to break, and the maze-like riffs, viciously deep, dueling vocals, and surging blast waves of percussion will certainly draw comparisons. This is no throwback sound though, and it’s clear that Exaugurate are fully intent on setting their own path forward, even while keeping one foot in the grave of the past. “Ascendant Beyond Carrion” featuring guest lead from Dan Lowndes (Cruciamentum)

Released by:
Rotted Life Records (USA), 2020.

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