ENGULFED (GR) – Engulfed In Obscurity LP (BLACK vinyl)

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The arts of Death Worship and Devilry have been executed once more in the madness-filled streets of Kadıköy. ENGULFED, the notorious Death Metal quartet known for their putrid smelling 2012 EP “Through The Eternal Damnation” are back with their first full-length “Engulfed in Obscurity”. Featuring members from other honourable Turkish Metal desecrators such as DECAYING PURITY, BURIAL INVOCATION and DIABOLIZER, this manifestation of infernal perversions and glorification of death itself will soon be released on 12”vinyl through BLOOD HARVEST. A more exact release-date will follow soon.
Expect over 45 minutes of pure death metal darkness!
Artwork by renowned New Zealand based artist Nick Keller.

“Engulfed is throwback to death metal supremacy, and their extremely heavy take on death metal is absolutely spellbinding with its sheer weight and intensity.” (CVLT Nation).

Released By:
Blood Harvest (Sweden)


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