EMBRACE OF THORNS – Praying For Absolution CD (Reissue)

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Embrace of Thorns is among the few bands that continue to successfully redefine and augment their sound. With each successive release, the band has come closer to achieving the apex of their particular darkness. With their new album, “Praying for Absolution,” Embrace of Thorns draw ever closer to perfect ascension. As on their monumental “Atonement Ritual” album, Embrace of Thorns once again employ repetition to enhance the hypnotic effect of the tracks. With this album, however, Embrace of Thorns take a more dynamic approach. All of the band’s constituent parts are perfectly aligned. The guitars are coordinated to unleash black torrents of desolation upon the percussive mania that forms the core of the tracks. The vocals, ominous and macabre, guide the forces conjured by the sonic rites taking place. Characterized by instantaneous transitions between harrowing Death Doom and frenzied Black/Death, “Praying for Absolution” evokes a sense of endless death and perpetual rebirth. The cycle of destruction and becoming. The nexus point of absolution and ecstatic depravity. Divine blood reawakens the senses in the service of darkness.

Featuring A.V. of Dead Congregation on guitars.

Released By:
Nuclear Winter Records (Greece), 2023.


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