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An album that rouses spirits from a time when Teutonic thrash was wild and untamed and ready to cleanse auditory canals from years of decay and depravation. Dreadful Fate is the remedy for those who miss Kreator, Sodom and Bathory in their potent prime. Dreadful Fate features former and current members of Merciless, Hypnosia, Nominon, Deströyer 666, Interment and many more. Dreadful Fate features former members of two of Sweden’s best known death/thrash exports, namely bass player Total Destruction and vocalist Bestial. Each Dreadful Fate song is a total thrashing throwback to the ’80s. The band knows how to write a maliciously memorable song and there’s plenty to keep the listener hooked for the duration.

Released by:
To The Death Records (Sweden)


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