DISTASTE – Der Ertraeger und das Fleisch CD

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The band themselves say the following:
“Der Ertraeger und das Fleisch” is probably our heaviest record to date, as we finally feel at home stylistically. With a slight increasing distance from the crust grind of the last few years, our roots in 80s/90s death/thrash/black metal have become more prominent since “Todt” and “Deibel”, while the punk ethos and the entertaining grindcore arrangements have not disappeared.
Like DEIBEL, “Der Ertraeger und das Fleisch” is also a loose concept album that sometimes strays out of the ordinary.
If you’re into the blastbeat-heavy genres, you’ll be able to do well with the 14 tracks produced, as always, in DeepDeepPressure Studios.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lukas Haidinger in DeepDeepPressure Studio. Artwork by Armin Schweiger (Todt and Deibel Ink)

Released by:
FDA Records (GERMANY), 2023.


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