DISMA (USA) – Towards The Megalith CD (Digipak)

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Featuring death metal legend Craig Pillard (ex-INCANTATION/DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY), one of the most influential death metal vocalists of all time, and members of current U.S. death metal gods FUNEBRARUM, CITIZEN’S ARREST, and other INCANTATION alumni, DISMA’s towering debut album (which follows their highly-praised, now out of print “Vault Of Membros” demo) is a monolith of down-tuned doomy death metal terror that just seethes of old-school death metal glory.

Captured purely on analog without the means of any digital computer enhanced trickery or any triggered effects which seems to be the means for most modern-day pseudo death metal nonsense and where fake social awareness/tech death metal bands seem to cater towards, the power inherent in “Towards The Megalith” manifests itself as the complete antithesis and the ultimate sledgehammer death blow to the head of polished modern-day death metal.

Like the ominous tomb of humanity in which it represents, “Towards The Megalith” is a crawling and lurking monster, a suffocating yet epic vision of death metal horror and doom that will solidify this as one of the most prominent death metal albums of the year.

Released by:
Profound Lore Records (Canada)


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