DEMENTIA 13 (PT) – Ways Of Enclosue CD

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The highly anticipated debut full-length from these Portuguese deathsters. Formed in 2010 and featuring current members of other underground acts such as Pitch Black, Holocausto Canibal and Raw Decimating Brutality, these veterans have a compulsive obsession with Horror flicks-influenced, corpse-grinding, heavy and insanely tight old school Death Metal inspired by the genuine sound of the late 80´s / very early 90´s that they grew with. Riff after bloody riff, “Ways of Enclosure” is the perfect soundtrack to a zombie apocalypse via mixing the seminal Florida sound (Death, Brutality, Massacre, Obituary, Malevolent Creation) and a Morrisound Studios-esque production with the corpulent heaviness of classic European Death Metal (Grave, Bolt Thrower, Convulse, Morgoth). “Ways of Enclosure” was mastered by Javier Felez (Moontower Studios, Spain) and features the creepy artwork of underground celebrity Mark Riddick. In these days of trends and hypes, it´s about time that upright, genuine, uncompromising and gimmicks-free bands take Death Metal back to its original mouldy graveyard, and Dementia 13 will definitely be amongst those leading the march of the deceased. Death Metal supremacy!!!

Released by:
Memento Mori (Spain)



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