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After a long time in silence, Swedish death metal entity Decomposed returns with the third and deadliest album entitled “WITHER”. Continuing on the same path as the previous album “Devouring”, it branches out even further from the roots into the darkness.

“WITHER” is a descent straight into Madness, Death, Spiritual masochism, Suicide, and pure hatred for the self harming whore that is mankind. This is an expression and celebration of thoughts and concepts that should be shunned by anyone who wishes sanity and well being upon himself.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by John Henriksson
Artwork / Layout by Misanthropic Art

1. By Nothingness Crowned
2. Upheveal
3. Void
4. Submerged
5. Downwards
6. Drenched In wounds
7. Wither
8. Into Nothing

Released by:
Chaos Records MMXVI

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