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Decomposed could have easily been formed way back in the early 90´s as their music has no traces of anything modern. This is raw, crusty, vibrant, ripping, heavy, cadaverous and in-your-face old school Swedish Death Metal the way it was crafted and mastered in Stockholm more than 20 years ago, rich in tempo changes and haunting melodies, and avoiding tedium and repetitivity to offer a rather gargantuan banquet of rotten delicatessen in the vein of Nihilist/Entombed, God Macabre, Convulse, Cemetary, Autopsy, Dismember, Massacre, Carnage… There´s nothing you may dislike about it if you´re into Swedeath. Featuring some terrific and aptly somber artwork and layout by Jesper Ekstål (the band´s vocalist and lead guitarist), “Devouring”, Decomposed´s sophomore album, is yet another proof of how timeless good Death Metal can be when done with passion, dedication and honesty.
Released by:
Memento Mori Records (Spain).


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