DAMONACY (US) – Morbidity Within CD

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First time ever the entire DAMONACY discography. This short lived but legendary band from New Jersey left their indelible mark on the US Death Metal scene in the early ’90s with their own style self dubbed DEMONIC SLAM, a mix of pit inducing grooves, tortured vocals and evil atmospheres sure to please every fan of bands like RIPPING CORPSE, INTERNAL BLEEDING, MORTAL DECAY and HUMAN REMAINS. Tracklist includes the From Within Demo (1991), Therapeutic Morbidity EP (1992) and one officially unreleased song from the Expectations promo (1994) who had very little circulation, plus two unreleased songs who exist only as live tracks recorded in 1994 as a bonus. All the material has been transferred from the original DAT source and remastered to offer the best quality possible. Featuring cover artwork by MARK RIDDICK and written introduction by CHRIS PERVELIS (INTERNAL BLEEDING)

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Lord Of The Flies Records


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