CULTES DES GHOULES – Haxan, …or Medieval Witchcraft and Infanticide… (DIGIPAK CD)

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Dread and disease wafting up from the abyss like fumes of the most potent sulfur, coiling and releasing in a tense coitus of godless abandon, the unremittingly repulsive sounds of death worship: this is the sound of CULTES DES GHOULES’ Häxan, …or Medieval Witchcraft and Infanticide…. After releasing a demo and 7″ that were equally mega-cult & mega-essential, this mysterious Polish horde released their debut album, Haxan, in 2008 to rapturous acclaim in the underground. For the uninitiated, prepare yourself for mesmerizing occult black metal filth far beyond the copious norm – prepare for Haxan!

Released by:
Hells headbangers (USA), 2021.


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