CONVOCATION – No Dawn For The Caliginous Night CD (Digipak)

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Solemn and majestic yet bleakest as ever, CONVOCATION are back with their mesmerizing funereal vibes and their most ambitious work to date!

2016, Helsinki, Finland.
Convocation started as a death metal project that later developed more close to darker doomish soundscapes, an outlet for really heavy and slow music with the will to experiment including synths, organs etc.
This brought in 2017 the release of the 4 apocalyptic anthems comprised in “Scars Across”.
Three years later Convocation came back with the grandeur of “Ashes Coalesce”, an aural study of concepts encircling death.
2023 is finally the year for a third chapter.

For fans of Skepticism, Evoken, Atramentus, Esoteric.

Released by:
Everlasting Spew Records (Italy)
, 2023.


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