CONVOCATION (FIN) – Ashes Coalesce LP 12″ (BLACK vinyl)

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The second coming of Convocation brings us the finnish Doom Death band (feat. members of Desolate Shrine and Dark Buddha Rising) at its bleakest and most majestic peak.

Ashes Coalesce is an album of contrasts and confusion, beautiful yet horrifying.

For fans of Skepticism, diSEMBOWELMENT, Esoteric

“If CONVOCATION debut was a foggy yet claustrophobic dive into the abyss, this new album sees them reaching out for the surface, only to see the remaining lights fading away on a lost, desperate world.” (Olivier “Zoltar” Badin/Zero Tolerance)

Formed 4 years ago in Helsinki, Finland, Convocation started as a death metal project that later developed more close to darker doomish soundscapes, an outlet for really heavy and slow music with the will to experiment including synths, organs etc.
Lyrically focused on hatred towards homo sapiens and apocalyptic scenarios, “Scars Across” was written in two different timespans and roughly a year between those sessions till everything clicked and finally spawning 4 apocalyptic anthem
2 years later Convocation are back with “Ashes Coalesce”, an aural study of concepts encircling death: Grief, rage and defiance, melancholy, acceptance and fear and anxiety of the unknown. The grandeur of the almost spiritual experience of melancholy, the humbleness towards one’s mortality or fragility and the all-engulfing blackness.

Released by:
Everlasting Spew Records (Italy)
, 2020.


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