CIVEROUS (USA) – The Expeditions of Illness CD (Digipak)

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From the infinite portals of excruciating existence, a terrible curse called CIVEROUS transcends in the form of Death Metal.

Forged under the historic and consecrated Californian tradition, the Los Angeles quintet emerges amid the complete and chaotic decadence of humanity and writes a macabre epitaph in the form of Death Metal, purulent, rancid and full of characteristics and references to the glorious past of the genre.

Get ready to be tortured by an intense and disturbing atmosphere in a true ritual of Death Metal worshiping! Indispensable for maniacs by bands like Grave Upheaval, Spectral Voice, Mortiferum and classics like Demigod and Depravity.

“The Expedition of Illness” brings together in this grotesque digipak CD the first demo of the band MMXIX (2019) and the tracks of the fantastic Split with Stygian Obsession (2019).

Released by:
Black Hole Productions (Brasil), 2021.


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