Chaos Inception (Us) – The Abrogation Cd

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The second album, entitled The Abrogation, from Alabama’s CHAOS INCEPTION is an extraordinary piece of Death Metal extremity.
The brutality of the record is relentless, the musicianship flawless, the compositional mastery hard to surpass.
This material flashes straight from the heights and depths of man’s soul.
All in all, The Abrogation is one the most devastating, skilled, extereme, and expressive records coming out this year.

Mandatory onslaught for fans of Hate Eternal, Angelcorpse, Nile, Rebaelliun, Origin, Fleshtized, Krisiun, Abhorrence, Morbid Angel, Behemoth…

Released by
Lavadome Records (Cz) 2012


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