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BARBARIAN could have easily carried on raping CELTIC FROST’s vintage heritage without anybody complaining… After all, when their self-titled demo from 2010 was repressed on a luxurious vinyl by DOOMENTIA, the maniacs worldwide who always kept an eye open by any new sign of life by other Tom G. Warrior’s fanatic devotees like WARHAMMER or APOCALYPTIC RAIDS welcome them with open arms, and rightfully so. Still, by the time their split with BUNKER 66 dropped in 2012, you could tell something was up in the air…

Rest assured, ‘Faith Extinguisher’ is still 666% pure BARBARIAN. Recorded last January, the seven tracks included in their first proper full-length live up to the band’s name. While the title-track is a kick in the face of the non-believers, ‘Total Metal’ leaves no room for misinterpretation that will get DESASTER fans on their knees and ‘Crux et Circenses’ crawls at an almost doomish pace. Overall, the album proves that although still firmly rooted in the sound of yore, BARBARIAN isn’t anymore just about giving ‘Morbid Tales’ a new lease of life. No, as dedicated as ever, they’re now proudly sporting the AWOSHM banner (‘Ageless Wave of Stubborn Heavy Metal’) as their declaration of intent. This album is a sermon of allegiance to ALL things metal the 80’s way. Those three Italians warriors of death are like the blood-thirsty berserker depicted on the cover of ‘Faith extinguisher’ by Shagrat from ACID WITCH: on a mission and ready to destroy everything and everyone standing in their way. Yes, this is regressive metal so die by the axe!

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Doomentia Records (CZ)



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