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Vancouver, BC’s AUROCH are a violent technical dark death metal band that are poised to help carry the flag of Canadian death metal chaos alongside elite like-minded newer generation bands such as co-conspirators MITOCHONDRION (in which MITOCHONDRION vocalist/guitarist Shawn Haché is the bass player in AUROCH while likewise, AUROCH vocalist/guitarist/mastermind Sebastian Montesi also commands the bass in MITOCHONDRION during their live performances), Antediluvian, Chthe’ilist, and carrying on the tradition of brutal Canadian death metal flag bearing that such legendary bands Gorguts continue to do so today and as Cryptopsy and Kataklysm did back in their heyday (which doesn’t exceed 1996).

Formed in 2008, AUROCH would see their debut album “From Forgotten Worlds” released in 2011 on Poland’s Hellthrasher Productions. Said album showcased the band’s insane musical approach to chaotic technical death metal that has manifested into something much deadlier, darker, and more brutal with their follow-up album and Profound Lore Records debut, “Taman Shud”. Going hand-in-hand alongside fellow likeminded death metal entity MITOCHONDRION, AUROCH will make their mark upon the death metal scene with “Taman Shud” (which will be preceded by their “Seven Veils” exclusive limited edition 7” EP, released by Graceless Recordings) and be recognized as one of North America’s deadliest, most-chaotic, and musically proficient death metal bands today.

Alongside preparation of “Taman Shud”, AUROCH (alongside MITOCHONDRION) are already scheduled to play this year’s Killtown Deathfest, which is Europe’s premiere death metal festival, along with an appearance at Incubate Fest as well as European tour to coincide with said festival appearances this September. The band are also planning live assaults in Canada and the U.S.A.

Released by:
Profound Lore Records (Canada), 2014.


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