ANTICREATION – From the Dust of Embers CD (Digipak)

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Greek black/death metal legion Anticreation emerge from the abysses of hell with their colossal debut album “From the Dust of Embers”, a thirty-four minute aural declaration of war toward the insignificance of all terrain things. Monstrous walls of low end dissonance churn and fume like sprawling hellfires, while dark ambient and ritualistic debris metastasizes around the telluric instrumental sections creating a grandiose and enveloping hellscape shrouded in darkness and death. No newcomers to their scene, the cryptic duo of Necro and Noctus who form the core of Anticreation have been sailing the black seas of Greece’s most uncompromising underground for literal decades, with Necro in particular having spent the last twenty years forging hellbent steel in such miscreant greek black metal entities as Burial hordes, Enshadowed, and Merciless Crucifixion, among others. Anticreation is a vessel unto fusing Necro’s and Noctus’ long running expertise in black metal and the duo’s interest and fascination in the bleakest and most otherworldly forms of dark death metal, namely that one conceived in various waves by bastions of the genre like Immolation, Portal, Pseudogod and Teitanblood, resulting in their debut offering “From the Dust of Embers”, an imposing dark death metal best levitating with an immense aura of complete ruin and inevitability.

Released By:
Nuclear Winter Records (GREECE) / Sentient Ruin Laboratories (USA), 2022.


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