Antediluvian – Throught The Cervix Of Hawwah Cd

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Primal, primitive and cavernous. This is the only way to describe Antediluvian’s brutal and suffocating sound. That brutality and suffocation is not, however, to be confused with the plethora of redundant ‘death metal’ bands that sound like broken machinery without any heart or soul. No, this is an altogether different beast and one that is nastier and uglier yet has more depth and atmosphere than many contemporaries. Anyone familiar with Antediluvian’s previous material will note its density and a feeling of desolate helplessness, like being trapped underground with simply no way of escape. This, their first full length album sees them refine and hone that particular sound and feeling and channel it deeper into the listener’s consciousness.

Released by:
Invictus Productions (IL)


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