ANATOMIA (JP) – Dead Bodies In The Morgue LP (BLACK vinyl)

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Featuring past and current members from some seminal and legendary Japanese acts such as Transgressor, Necrophile and Sadondeth, the Death/Doom rotting corpse known as Anatomia was born in 2002 with a strong penchant for dense, fuzzed out, viscous, heavy-as-fuck and crawling music. This CD features cover art by César Valladares Fernández (whose talented work decorates albums and merch from bands such as Krisiun, Asphyx, Grave Miasma or Abigail) and compiles both their revered “Demo 2003” and “Human Lust” demos topped with six rare and previously unreleased live and rehearsal tracks, including two covers from the mighty Autopsy, namely “Charred Remains” and “Fiend for Blood”. Death Metal in all its mean spirited and decaying glory!!!

Released by:
Darl Recollections Productions (MEX) 2013.

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