ALTAR OF GORE (USA) – Obscure & Obscene Gods CD

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New Jersey death metal for fans of Impetigo, Von, Ride For Revenge, etc. Solo project from Acolyte of the Foul Ones (Massive Retaliation, Jaws of Hades, etc.) with leads from Joe Aversario (Siege Column, Blasphematory, etc.). CD via Nameless Grave Records.

“A hammering ferocity forces you into a chasm of crisp riffing, thunderous bass and chiming cymbals to make for a relentless and powerfully darkened listen.”

“The album continues to chuck the listener back up before sucking them in again—a perpetual forty-minute trip through a meat grinder with mechanical precision and a malicious onslaught of torment that for some will be an endurance test, for others a cathartic experience in auditory violence.”
-Last Rites

Released by:
Nameless Grave Records (USA), 2020.


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