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After four years of waiting, Acerus’ fourth studio album, The Caliginous Serenade, is finally here: nine tracks of molten heavy metal from the mind of Daniel Corchado (The Chasm, ex-Incantation). With more than 10 years writing for Acerus and more than 30 years writing for metal bands, Corchado’s experience has crystalized to a sharp point on this new album. His trademark dense, layered approach is presented at its finest as soaring melodies, masterful layering, mesmerizing polyphonic writing, and pure pounding epic heavy combine to form a new masterpiece. All of this songwriting expertise is combined with the return of the powerful voice of Esteban Julian Pena, Mario Hernandez’s pounding drumming, and Edward Eschamilla’s shredding lead guitar assault and comes together with a singular result: Acerus at their best.

Highly recommended for fans of Ironsword, The Chasm, Warlord, and Manilla Road.

Released by:
Nameless Grave Records / Lux Inframundis, 2024.


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